Sales & Custom Builds

Here at The Cycle Depot, we don’t try to sell you on a bike. There is no “High Pressure Sales Tactics” employee memo behind the counter. And, we don’t have old stock to get rid of. Here, we take the time to guide you through the process of finding the right bike. We take into consideration important factors such as budget, intended use, riding style, and your body’s geometry.

Whether you buy a budget friendly SUN beach cruiser, an entry level Orbea bike, a Yeti mountain bike or have us custom build a sub-15lbs road bike with hand-picked components, you can rest assured that it has been professionally assembled with the utmost attention to detail and expertly fitted to your body.

Professional Bike Fitting

Proper bicycle fit is one of the most important factors when it comes to performance and comfort makes a world of difference in the way you ride. Unfortunately, some bike shops overlook the overall importance of these factors or simply take the easy way out by using the customer’s height as the sole guideline to sizing a bike. This increases the change of pain, fatigue, and sometimes even injury.

On the other hand, we take pride in the time and effort that we invest in making sure your bike fits you perfectly, taking full advantage of our Retul. Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself. We cannot begin to count the number of walk-ins we have had ask us to properly fit them to the new bike they bought elsewhere, trusting us to help them make the most out of their investment.

Cycles Demo Program

We make it possible for anyone to test ride a Orbea, Yeti, or Cipollini. We invite you to take advantage of the program and see for yourself the beauty of riding these bikes.

Our demo program works much like a rental, allowing you full use of one of a number of bikes in our lineup for 24 hours. The rental fee varies  for 24 hours. We provide the helmet and shoes are available for an extra $15. If, at the end of your demo period, which can be extended at any time, you decide that the bike is the bike for you (and let us tell you, it is a sound investment), we will apply your demo fee to your purchase. And, of course, we’ll make sure it fits you perfectly and comfortably before we send you on your way.


Tech Services & Repair

The foundation of The Cycle Depot is built upon quality and reliable service. We take pride in our technicians; the professional service they provide are the backbone of our shop. We have gone to great lengths to stock the most up-to-date technologies and tools necessary to work on the most modern bicycles designs out there today. (We keep a wide range of both road and mountain bike parts and components in stock, which means you will be back on the road/trail sooner and with a more reliable bike.) With us, things are straightforward. If you think our bicycle needs to be looked at, simply bring it in. We will take a good look at it and tell you what went wrong. And, if you decide to leave it in for repair, we’ll give a turn-around date that we stand by.

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